Enjoy all the benefits of a sixth sense with specially developed telematics systems for South African conditions that allow you rest easy and optimise your operations off site wherever you are.

Our advanced systems provide you with a sense of knowing your every machine’s movements and performance while keeping a finger on its health with offsite tracking and maintenance monitoring that is managed by our very own team of inhouse equipment specialists.

Know the movements of your equipment on site, view operator performance and track important parameters such as fuel consumption, idle time and whereabouts of each machine on site. Set geofences and condition monitoring alerts that suit your own requirements and changing circumstances on site. Our systems help you leave nothing to chance - whether on your large capital machines or smaller equipment, we have you covered.

Monitor, record and manage what’s important to you whether it is service related, such as hour meter recordings, maintenance parts required and service reminders, or utilisation related for billing, revenue optimisation or non-compliance reporting among others – it provides the data you need to make the right decisions.

Live location information and record keeping also provides you with real-time machine positioning, navigating and geofencing, while simultaneously providing operators with alerts and assistance to improve safety and productivity. Never miss an opportunity with ELB Equipment telematics.


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