Africa’s favourite road construction and maintenance Motor Graders from Hidromek are built tough and powerful enough for any project, whether it be in the bush or backbreaking work in the concrete jungle.

Rather than opting for smaller engines with turbos and complicated electronics, the Hidromek Graders make use of larger capacity motors with less complication and heaps of torque to get the job done quicker and easier.

More power at lower RPM reduces the load on the engine allowing for smoother operation, lower fuel consumption and less stress on grading components and the frame. The machines also maintain advanced grading and leveling capabilities and thanks to cutting-edge technology are able to achieve flawless surfaces due to optimized blade control and slope accuracy.

Heavy-duty construction of Hidromek Motor Graders mean they can conquer any terrain and remain reliable for extended periods with minimum downtime and low maintenance requirements. Operator comfort and safety is also catered for with Hidromek's ergonomic cabin design, offering excellent visibility, noise insulation, and vibration dampening. Advanced safety features like ABS and stability control systems enhance operational safety, protecting both operators and equipment.


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