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At ELB Equipment we know how challenging it can be in choosing the right equipment for your fleet. Finding a balance in performance, reliability and running costs is not an easy task and the logistics in dealing  Read More

with various suppliers can be extremely frustrating. Our “best of breed” approach aims to eliminate these challenges for our customers, bringing you the best of both – the world’s best from a single supplier. Being an authorized dealer for industry leading equipment manufacturers is just another way we make your life easier.


A comprehensive Parts department, offering round-the-clock service, ensures that users have ready access to a comprehensive range of parts and service exchange components, thereby limiting downtime of equipment.


A 24-hour call-out service reflects the company’s commitment in ensuring the trouble-free operation of all its equipment in the field. Units are  Read More

maintained on site on a regular basis. A field service and workshop facility enables bigger jobs to be dealt with quickly and professionally under controlled conditions.

The workshops are well equipped to attend to design changes and modifications – be it minor or major – and do so under the guidance of its principal companies in order to maintain the highest quality standards.


A large, centralised and fully equipped refurbishing facility is available for the rebuilding and refurbishing of ELB’s products.


ELB Equipment is well known for providing tailored solutions specific to our customers’ needs, another way in how we are more than equipment retailers.

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Our dedicated Engineering department develop modifications and alterations in partnership with the OEM’s ensuring approved designs with strict configuration control policies, all crucial in amplifying our levels of aftermarket support to you.

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